¿Dominas las preposiciones en inglés? Haz este ejercicio

Para el uso correcto de las preposiciones en inglés de forma correcta, es preciso hacer ejercicios sin descanso. Si usted puede ejercitar este tema de la gramática dentro de un contexto real, mejor aún.

En el ejercicio siguiente, basado en un texto sobre la influencia en el mundo corporativo, usted debe llenar los espacios en blanco con las preposiciones correctas. El fragmento fue extraído de la página web de la Newberrry Coaching.

“Influence: you know you want more of it, but do you have a plan 1.______ building it? We have talked 2. _______ the different facets of influence, a key leadership skill. I asked you to pay attention 3. _____ how you’re doing in four areas: credibility; connection to the big picture; relationships and processes.

Today, I want you to take what you noticed about yourself and use it to complete this assessment tool. Your results will point you toward the actions you should take to build your influence.

Take a look 4. _____ the following statements related 5. _____ the different aspects of influence. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being “very true”), think about how true each statement is for you right now.

• I recognize my strengths and the value I bring.
• I consistently share examples of my strengths and how I add value with others 6. _____ a way that’s relevant 7. _______ them.

Connection to the Big Picture
• I consistently help others see the connection between the value I add and what’s best 8. ____ the organization.
• I speak 9. _____ terms ____ the organization’s goals and priorities, not just those of myself or of my department.

• I know who holds both the formal power (power connected 10. _____ a role) and informal power (power not connected 11. _____ a role).
• I cultivate relationships with both formal and informal leaders.

• I engage others and create buy-in in a way that is authentic to who I am as a leader.
• I recognize when to leverage others to deliver a message, even if I could deliver it.

So what did you discover in this self-assessment? Look 12. _____ the statements where you gave yourself the lowest numbers. Developing your skills in those areas should be the heart 13. _____ your plan to build influence. If you want to bring
14. ______ your numbers across the board, start by focusing 15. _____ your credibility. That’s the root 16. ____ influence.”

Ejercicio de preposiciones en inglés

Ejercicio de preposiciones en inglés

Respuestas correctas en el ejercicio de preposiciones en inglés

1. for
2. about
3. to
4. at
5. to
6. in
7. for
8. for
9. in terms of
10. to
11. to
12. at
13. of
14. up
15. on
16. of

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